1977 – Mountain Home Air Force Base – Evening

Description: While stationed at Mountain Home AFB in 1977 I was witness to a UFO which was hovering directly on the runway. I know that having flying objects on an airbase is not something unusual, but in this case it was very different. It was pitch black out on the taxiway, when all of a sudden a bright light appeared over the runway. It was bright to the eye, but did not light up much around it including the runway approximately 200 feet below object. There was no sound whatsoever. I have seen and heard Harriers practicing maneuvers over this same runway before and you can hear their engines easily and distinctly when they maneuver around. This object hovered for several minutes. I had finished working on an airplane and was waiting for my pickup back to the shop. I decided I would go get a closer look at this hovering light. It was a disk shape bright object was all I could tell. I got maybe within 300 feet when it took off so fast that if I had blinked I would not have seen it go almost completely skyward like a rocket, but in a swerving motion toward space and out of sight.

The very next day I was being question by a special investigation team as to what I had seen. I was told later it was seen by the Mountain Home AFB tower personnel as well as Boise airport tower and all radar equipment. I was questioned several more times and then was told I was not to mention it anymore, that it was a SR-71 Blackbird and was a secret takeoff. (It sounded like a cover story to me.) I have seen an SR-71 take off and it does not fly as fast as that object did, nor does it hover. I have never read nor heard any more of this incident since it happened. I would be interested if any other information can be found out about this incident.

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  1. George Bush says:

    What you saw was not an SR71 because an SR71 cannot hover and uses a jet engine which is very loud up close. Your UFO was an alien spacecraft and the USAF was well aware of it’s existence. In 1977 and 1978 and possibly the years before the USAF was participating in an experiment with grey aliens. It is not clear if they were aware of what they were doing or not or if the USAF officers who were under orders to participate even recollect what they were doing because they have a device that wipes memories. Also, about that same time, you might recall there was a blackout on the base that caused the base to go into a full security lockdown. This was caused by one of the alien spacecraft. The craft was abducting children from the base to prepare them for an event that took place in the summer of 1978. An alien spacecraft nicknamed “the Hybrid-Human Nursery Mothership” hovered above a field located near the Mountain Home AFB primary school in the middle of the day. Several children were taken onboard the ship to interact with alien-human hybrid children on the ship. USAF high-ranking medical doctors were onboard the spacecraft to conduct medical examinations of the human children before they could interact with the hybrid children. The USAF was a willing participant in this experiment although it is unclear how many of the officers who participated are still alive or would remember anything. The very next day after this event occurred, the human children who were part of the experiment had their minds wiped. This device is not permanent in everyone. So, no you did not see an SR71, you saw an alien spacecraft, but you were not part of the project, so you did not have access to that information.

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