1978 – Diyarbakir, Turkey – Midnight Local Time

Description: I was in the Air Force stationed at Diyarbakir, Turkey from Jan, 1978 to Jan, 1979.

I was in back of the barracks one night with another person looking for satellites going overhead. We only saw one satellite and we were watching it move normally across the sky for 10 or 15 minutes. All of the sudden it accelerated across the skyline with a zig-zag motion then accelerated straight out into space at an unbelievable rate of speed. From the time we saw it make the first zig-zag turn, to the time it went straight into space was approximately 2 seconds. Then it was gone from sight. Normally a satellite would take approximately 26 minutes to traverse the skyline. We stayed to watch for several hours and never saw another satellite that night. We would normally see 5 or 6 satellites on any given night. I had never before and have not since seen anything move in that way or accelerate at that speed.

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