1982 – Mobile, Alabama – 2 AM CDT



Description: I’m a graphic designer living in Houston, TX. Well, I see you posted this sometime last year. My sighting was similar, but happened when I was 11 years old. That was back in 82 or 83. What prompted me to look this is up is my daughter had a fantastic sighting this past weekend. And we Googled what she saw and I was floored at how graphic her sighting was.

So I thought I would Google my sighting and your’s was the closest thing I could find. I had drawn out what I could remember and it looks very similar to your drawing. The shape of the spheres formed and the amount of spheres is very similar. Granted it’s been a long time, but I did the best I could to depict it.

My father was driving us to Disney World when it happened. From Houston to Orlando, FL. is about a good 18 hours. From what I can remember it was around 2 AM and he was driving through Mobile, AL. He woke me up to look at the South. I saw a faint cluster of lights moving in. At first I thought it was the Good Year Blimp with it’s advertisement lights it’s famous for, but it was moving too fast. I woke up my buddy Alex who owns a Gallery in San Diego and we just sat there and watched as these light grew closer. The rest of the family was asleep so it was only my dad, Alex and I that witnessed it. The lights were traveling from South to North. The lights were moving a lot faster than a passenger jet. In fact they crossed the horizon in less than 30 seconds! They were too close to be a meteor shower. I was clueless as to what it was.

Until, my daughters sighting I thought I would sit down and try to sketch what I saw.

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