1991 to 1993 – Pensacola, Florida

Description: I was abducted by a UFO in Pensacola, Florida.between 1991-93. The reason that I can’t be precise about the date is the aliens stuck me with a needle after. They drugged me before they dragged me into their craft. Twelve years later I was in California when I had a face to face encounter with a humanoid alien in Santa Monica, California. In 2009 I had a CT scan done in Tacoma General Hospital. It revealed a transmitter had been implanted in my neck or head, but when I recently went to the hospital for a copy of the pictures it wasn’t on the disc they gave me. Either I don’t know how to read the disc or the hospital didn’t put the picture in their computer. But I remember seeing the image of the implant on the screen when the CT scan had just been completed. The aliens have an earthquake beam weapon and fired it at Hawaii in 2006 causing 200 million dollars in damage. Finally, at the time of my abduction I was to the best of my knowledge forced to have sex with one of their females. When I woke up in the house I reached down to touch my groin for some reason and there was a slick residue on it so much so that I immediately went and took a shower.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: I was in my den in the house when I sensed someone was in the house also. I pulled out my pocket knife and walked forward. Eventually I put my pocket knife back in my pocket. I received a jab with a needle on my right side. Within 5 minutes I passed out. I went to the desk in the den after feeling the needle on my right side and sat down. No one was visible around me so it is safe to assume the aliens have invisibility devices. This house was in Pensacola, Florida between 1991-93. I would estimate 12 hours of missing time.

I was in Santa Monica, California sitting in a city park when what appeared to be a man walked up to me and handed me a ten dollar bill. He then cooly walked about a hundred feet away. I got up because I didn’t feel right about taking someone’s money without talking to them first. As I came up to him he pulled out a cigarette. I immediately said don’t smoke here man (in the park) the cops will write you out a ticket. Go to the edge of the park to smoke. So we both walked to the edge of the park. It was there at the edge of the park I looked into his face and saw specifically his eyes. He had hexagons in the colored ring of his eyes that gave him away that he wasn’t from this planet. I immediately began to laugh. I could not handle the fact that I had an alien standing right next to me. This happened 12 years roughly after the first event/abduction. In 2005 I found a website that has photos of UFOs over Santa Monica, California. The site is: http://www.cropcircleanswers.com

Note: This is one of those cases where you say: “Believe it or not.” Implants and encounters with unknown entities have been reported by many. It is doubtful that all of these witnesses are delusional.

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    This sounds more like someone wanting attention. Nobody would not ask for a copy of the CT scan for proof if nothing else. If the person had the copy to show anyone interested it’s one thing. Also the long time frame on this is suspicious. Why wait so many years before telling their story?

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