1994 – Flight From Virginia to Tucson, Arizona – Time Unknown

Description: I was wondering whether anyone else has had a similar experience to mine. I have been thinking about it a lot lately, but never reported it at the time probably because I was with some co-workers of mine on a plane on a business trip. No one else saw it and although I am absolutely positive and sincere about what I saw, it seemed to me that no one would believe me since I was the only person on the plane that I am aware of who saw it (none of my co-workers did). There were five of us total traveling together from Virginia to Tucson, AZ. around 1994. I was standing in the aisle with my video camera filming out the left hand side of the plane basically to show my husband and two small children because they had never flown. We were all talking as I was filming, and I was thinking of how “touristy” I must look to some of the other passengers when I saw a metallic object beside us. It appeared out of nowhere and was traveling very fast. I could tell that it was not a plane, as it appeared not to have wings. It tilted a bit and appeared to be round or oval. I immediately announced to a couple of my co-workers who were seated beside the windows together to look. I was filming it at the time. They turned to see what I was talking about, but as they did, the object disappeared in a puff of white smoke. It was not like an explosion. It was just as if the object disappeared in a puff. There was no fire and no debris falling. It is very difficult for me to describe. The smoke did not linger. It just kind of quickly dissipated as if it was never there. No one seemed to believe me. The tape is one of the old types. I did tell my husband about it when I returned, and we reviewed the tape, but it was not as clear on tape as in person. I can probably locate the tape and hopefully it has survived throughout the years. I believed at the time that I had seen something extraterrestrial, but was reluctant to mention it because my co-workers did not seem to believe me since they said they did not see anything, and I can see how they probably did not since it all happened so quickly. I had no idea how to report it at the time and was afraid of being ridiculed. I have not heard of a sighting such as this, but was wondering whether anyone else out there has heard of this “puff of smoke” phenomena, or if anyone else has another explanation for something other than a UFO that I maybe could have misinterpreted.

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  1. maria says:

    In 1994 a “weather.balloon” sighting was reported on KGUN Channel 9. I saw it hovering over a house in mid town Tucson in the early.evening. I always wondered if anyone else had seen it.

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