1997 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Description: I was flying an airliner into Tel Aviv in 1997 when around 18,000 feet on a clear sunny day. I saw a chrome ball hovering. I put on the weather radar to look for returns thinking it was a weather balloon, but no returns showed up. As I turned through 50 degrees still descending I noticed the shape was cylindrical and chrome in colour. The ball I saw was in fact the cylinder end up. Within a minute 6 aircraft showed up on my TCAS (Traffic Control Avoidance System) instrument which in fact were military fighter aircraft. These planes took it in turns to fly erratically around the blimp.Initially I concurred that this must be some kind of military practice target, but on making enquiries amongst my military colleagues this is not a known maneuver. I remain in two minds.

Note: I have written to the pilot to obtain more details regarding the sighting. Updates will be posted.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you. Good news. Hope he will write you back. I am looking forward to reading more. I have been off because of the heart, but doing much better now. Thank you so very much.

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