2 Balls of Light Hover & Disappear Into the Ocean.

Location of Sighting: Indialantic, Florida
Date of Sighting: April 21, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EDT



Description: Hi Brian:
I came across your story on the internet. I too live in Indialantic, Florida on wavecrest and I saw the lights too. But here is what’s crazier. My cousin saw the same thing about 3 years ago, but in Sebastian. So the next day when she told me I Googled balls of light in Sebastian, Florida and up came a bunch of the same sightings and they are always seen either over the ocean or the river. So I was very intrigued by this. Fast forward 3 years later I move here to Indialantic. I am sitting on the beach with my dogs and all of a sudden I see 2 balls of light over the ocean. It looked like they were coming closer, but they had stopped. They hovered for a while,but the went down and disappeared into the ocean. I have a picture on my Facebook. I had a video, but when I uploaded to Facebook it was so grainy so you couldn’t see it so I took it down. I had the video on my phone for a while, but I had to factory reset my phone and I lost it. I am so bummed. I too would like to know what is going on with these lights. Hope I hear back from you.

Response From Witness to Investigator Questions: Hi. My sighting was on April 21 and it was around 8:00 PM. Here is the picture. It is a photo of the 2 lights over the ocean’s surface.

Note: This sighting was reported to Brian Vike (UFO blogger). Brian forwarded the case to me. The photo appears to show two sets of two lights. The photos were taken with low resolution so the enlargements are fairly grainy.

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