2 Beings Surround Human in Huge Object.

Location of Sighting: Thompson Falls, Montana
Date of Sighting: August 22, 2017
Time of Sighting: 2:45 AM MDT


Description: I was in Brownsville and I looked up to see what looked like a square door of some sort. That’s what caught my eye. Then it went dark and another one opened. There were lights in the distance like waiting for their turn to go on. Then when I was going through the pictures it looked like there was two identical beings and in the middle looked like a human as if it was an abduction or something. It was really awesome to witness. They are all over the skies here, but the one I got pictures of was huge almost like two buildings side by side. It was crazy. I would love to hear what you think it was. Thank you. Is there somewhere that I can send pictures to you guys.

Note: The witness sent several photos and enhancements. The above photo looks to be the most compelling of the group. It is difficult to say if these are photos of real beings. It seems unusual.

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