2 Bright Airborne Objects Found in Photo.

Location of Sighting: Off Coast of Bermuda
Date of Sighting: August 9, 2022
Time of Sighting: Near Sunset


Description: This photo was taken from my room on a cruise ship on Aug 9,2022 at sea by Bermuda. The photo was taken at sundown. The two objects were there one second and gone the next. When I zoomed in on the objects I realized they were at the same level and they also had structure to them. Please give me your opinion about my photo.

Note: Many photos where witnesses don’t see UFOs can be explained as reflections, lens flares, birds, etc. However, the witness points out that the lights were only in one photo. This lends credibility that the lights could be real objects and not anomalies. Given available information I have classified the sighting as unidentified.

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  1. Observer says:

    I would say they are simple breaks in the ever-changing cloud structure.

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