2 Bright White Lights Hover Low Over Freeway.

Location of Sighting: Shedd, Oregon
Date of Sighting: July 23, 2018
Time of Sighting: 12:20 AM PDT

I was driving south near Salem on I-5 after midnight on Monday morning when I saw two odd flying objects approximately 15 miles apart. At first visual contact the object appeared to be a helicopter (just a bright white light hovering over the road). However upon approach it was clear that the objects were quite low. All that was visible from my car was the light. The first was over the median and I couldn’t say if it was moving or not. Unfortunately I didn’t take note of the mile markers.

The second object was directly over the southbound lanes, moving south somewhat slower than my vehicle. (I was doing about 75.) It is hard to say for sure how high the object was or how fast it was going exactly, but it was clearly not a helicopter or a winged aircraft or a civilian drone. I estimate it was no more than 100 feet above the road. There was only a single light visible, facing north as the object flew south. It is possible there was a second, forward-facing light, but I was not able to see it in the rear-view.

I couldn’t hear any sound, but I had music on as well. There was plenty of traffic on the freeway, tons of people would have seen this object. If it was some type of law-enforcement drone, it is a new one on me and I can’t imagine them flying so low directly over the traffic lane with no forward-facing light. But who knows.

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