2 Bright White Orbs Fly in Circles Around Each Other.

Location of Sighting: Orange, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: May 24, 2019
Time of Sighting: 9:15 PM EDT

Description: I noticed two bright white orbs flying around through the tree tops, and then I moved to an open field for a better view. You could see them flying around each other. One would leave and come back. (I am not sure if it disappeared or was just hidden because of the trees blocking my view.) They seemed to be interacting together in a playful way. Flying toward each other, one stopped and the other circled around it then took off. They would circle each other and just fly around. They flew in every direction and even were still for a moment here and there. One was always in view and one would come and go. I watched for about 5 minutes then got my family out of the house to see it! About 15 minutes later they seemed to get a bit dimmer like they were moving further away, but still flying around each other and then they,disappeared. There was no pattern to movements, it was more erratic and there was no beam of light. It was just more of a circle of blueish white light. When they flew off I saw no tail of light, but they moved so fast, changed speed and direction very quickly. Our sighting was over a piece of land with minimal housing and light pollution. We were looking due west when watching from our field.

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