2 Extremely Bright Star-Like Lights Flash Various Colors.

Location of Sighting: Livermore Falls, Maine
Date of Sighting: May 12, 2017
Time of Sighting: 11:05 PM EDT

Description: I saw 2 bright stars flashing colored lights, red, green, blue, white, and yellow which seemed to repeat sequences too fast for me to record. The Colors were extremely bright so as to catch my attention while closing a curtain in my house.

It was then I ran outside to get a better look. Their Location remained static as long as I could watch. I observed a very short time, but have never seen this before despite growing up with uncle teaching me the night sky from the time I was a child. I have been looking at the stars since then which is now about 65 years. I did not have time or opportunity to film. I do so wish I had. I did check my compass and it was in a WNW direction.

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