2 Glowing Orange Spherical Objects Heading Northwest.

Location of Sighting: Grand Junction, Colorado
Date of Sighting: December 31, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10 PM MST

Description: On New Year’s Eve! (NO: we were not under any influence) we were driving home at about 10 PM. I made “Betty” stop the car maybe 2 blocks from our house (there are no “blocks” — we live in a semi-rural edge of town). We rolled down the windows to observe two glowing (not flashing like
ordinary aircraft) objects (spherical, but it was night and all we saw was the light). The two glowing ORANGE balls were slowly headed our way from the southeast. They made no sound. One was ahead of the other, and it slowed, then stopped as the other came closer. Each one faded and then disappeared. We sat in our car, puzzling, conjecturing and then two more orange objects appeared on the southeast horizon and over a period of 4 or so minutes, did the same thing. Maybe an hour later out in our yard we saw one more glowing orange ‘balls’ in the sky in same general location coming our way, slowing, fading, disappearing.

We were just outside the “city limits” (southeast side, or Whitewater side) of Grand Junction, CO.

Note: The witnesses may have seen Chinese lanterns. The witness said that the above sighting was similar to the sighting of 7 reddish star-like orbs Ovieda, Florida on Jan 1, 2018.

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