2 Hovering Red, White, Blue, & Red Flashing Lights.

Location of Sighting: Lewis County, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 31, 2017
Time of Sighting: 9:10 to 9:40 PM PDT



Description: I see them every night in Lewis county Washington state including tonight (8/31/2017) when I happened to see two moving around in the night sky flashing red white blue mostly. I tried to capture pictures and videos on my phone, but they weren’t too clear. One seemed to hover over the town of Centralia, WA while the other hovered above Chehalis, WA. I sometimes see them throughout the day as well. I haven’t tried viewing them through a telescope, but I would like to.

Note: The witness is identifying with the sighting of flashing red, white, green & blue lights seen over Seekonk, MA on Aug 12, 2016.

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3 Responses to 2 Hovering Red, White, Blue, & Red Flashing Lights.

  1. Observer says:

    As an amateur astronomer I have had one unusual sighting in over 45 years of daytime/nighttime astronomy. The chance that extraterrestrial vehicles are being seen nightly in one location, by one individual is about zero on the probability scale. The explanation that makes the most sense in this case, would be military & civilian aircraft.

    • Jim says:

      The Observer should look at the UFO sightings map to see that a huge concentration of sightings occur on the West coast of Oregon and Washington where the witness reports seeing them. I live in this area of Oregon and for 5 years on almost an everyday basis during the mid 90’s ( mostly daytime ) I had my own personal UFO “Flap” with craft of all kinds of shapes > some no one has ever reported seeing before. I have seen many saucers daytime and things that people usually only see on SciFi movies or TV. I devoted about 90% of my time to capture them daytime successfully. I was obsessed because they kept coming. One saucer was as close as 20 feet away and looked like impossible technology 1000’s of years ahead of ours.
      If you want to see them you may have to move to a new location and then spend almost all your time watching for them if you want to see them and not just through a telescope.

      • Administrator says:

        Yes, I know that you have had some good sightings and I have seen some of your photos and videos. Thanks for your comments.

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