2 Orange Lights Surrounded by Pinpoints of Light.

Location of Sighting: Copiague, New York
Date of Sighting: February 19, 2017
Time of Sighting: 7 PM EST

Description: I found your site after seeing two very strange orange lights in the sky around 7 PM this evening in the Southeast sky. I live in Copiague, NY by the way.

The two lights weren’t blinking or flickering. They moved slowly away keeping the same distance from each other until I couldn’t see them any more (maybe about 5 to 7 minutes total). What was really bizarre was I thought I could see hundreds of tiny pinpoints of light swirling around the two larger lights until they seemed to join the bigger lights, if that makes any sense. Then I didn’t see them anymore.

Anyway, I had to share what I saw. It really freaked me out. I tried to take a photo but, it was dark and the only photo I took came out terrible.

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