2 Red, Blue, Green Lights Fly in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Lakewood, Washington
Date of Sighting: October 15, 2017
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PDT

Description: These sightings are on a regular basis. They fly over Tacoma, WA almost every night. They come from air space well behind McChord AFB taking a almost straight line heading to the Port of Tacoma. They appear like two lights red blue/green. As they get closer they seem to change to what appears to be some kind of jet, but nothing like you would see from the AFB. I spent 4 years in the air force and I have never seen these. Really they are not jets at all, but some kind of inter-dimensional beings that are able to shape shift. One night I counted anywhere up to 50 coming in at 5 minutes apart moving all in the same pattern to the Port then leave heading out. I know that I am right in what they are. I have been seeing them for over 5 years. They make you feel that they are not good things whatever they are. Thank you. If you have any witnesses of this phenomenon send an email to lowrider1245@outlook.com.

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