2 See Bright Orange Light With 2 Other Subdued Lights Hovering.

Location of Sighting: West Yorkshire, Pudsey, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: February 11, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:50 PM Local Time

Description: My self and my boyfriend just saw the weirdest thing ever in the sky as you have described. We were shocked as we watched it for at least over a minute or more, and still question what we have seen. We Google it and your post came up.

Witness Response to Questions: Last night again we witnessed a bright orange light with two other subdued lights hovering, but as we watched the two subdued lights were slowly making there way to the brighter one in a slow motion, not moving upwards, but moving in the direction of the brightest light. Then they faded and all three objects disappeared. They were possibly Chinese lanterns. However, the video that we took was poor, but the photo shows a shiny craft like object.

I live in England, West Yorkshire, Pudsey. When I googled it there had been lots of other sightings. I can’t explain what I have seen, but I know it was not a plane or anything normal. There might be a simple explanation?

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