2 See Transparent Triangular Object Hovering Over Ocean.

Location of Sighting: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Date of Sighting: September 11, 2015
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM EDT

Description: We witnessed very much the same thing. It floated over the ocean in Kitty Hawk N.C. on September 11,2014. My boyfriend and I were sitting on the beach watching the ocean about 9:30 PM. We both noticed something strange in the sky about 40 feet out above the ocean. It was transparent almost cloaked triangular in shape and moving slowly and methodically across the sky. It stopped breathily at about forty feet straight ahead of us. It moved again forward and then disappeared. We waited for an hour and we went back the next night, but saw nothing. The beach was empty except for us. And it was pretty much a moonless night.

Note: It is not known what sighting that the witness is referring to. This report was forwarded to me by another investigator.

Update – Sep 14, 2015: The witness was referring to the following report:

Translucent Boomerang Shaped Craft/UFO Spotted In The Sky Over Bendigo Victoria Australia (Graphics)

Peter and Marg. This report written for Brian Vike (b_vike@telus.net) on Wednesday 6th May 2015.

Date: 1997
Time: 9:20 p.m.

Witnessed by: Two only – Peter and Marg.
Location: (residential suburb of) Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Outside in the open yard of our home.

Description of object: Translucent boomerang shaped object.
Direction: The object followed a constant direction of approximately NW to NNW at a constant slow speed.

Weather conditions: Calm, windless, still, cloudless, no moon at that time, stars were bright against clear dark sky.

Temperature: Approximately 10°C to 15°C
Length of Sighting: Marg approximately 10 seconds, Peter approximately 15 seconds.

Sighting as reported by Peter:

It was a beautiful clear cool evening and Marg and I were outside in the yard talking. As we were chatting, I was looking up at the sky and happened to look directly at something moving over head. I said, “look at that!” To our amazement we saw some type of aircraft gliding silently overhead.

It was not far off being directly overhead and at low altitude. If I hold my arm fully stretched towards the sky with my first and fourth fingers pointed and spread as far apart as I can, that is how much sky the wing span of the craft covered from my perspective.

It was a brief sighting (10 to 15 seconds) with the craft disappearing behind trees that obscured our view. From our home (south eastern Bendigo) it headed towards the northern area of Bendigo.

I was able to see it for longer than Marg, about 15 seconds as I was able to move to where I could see it between the trees, that by then, were obscuring Marg’s view.

The object was translucent. Stars could be seen through it yet it had visible form. It was not unlike seeing a translucent jelly fish in shallow sea water. Although the leading edge was distinct, the trailing edge (or rear) was indistinct as though it was blurry. The shape was like a boomerang.

At the time it reminded me vaguely of the wings of a typical jet passenger aircraft, (Boeing or Airbus) but without the fuselage or tail section, yet our impression was that it looked whole and complete. The shape was very like, what I now as, the B2 Stealth Bomber.

It was a very quiet, calm evening outside our home that night and there was absolutely no sound that we could make out coming from the object as it went over, unlike that of any jet or propeller craft or helicopter, all of which we often hear and see in our location.

Although translucent, the object appeared dark, not lit by any kind of glow or lights. Upon reflection, I would estimate its altitude to be approximately 150 meters and had a wing span of approximately 50 meters.

I have found these figures difficult to estimate, but put together the above estimate based on such as elapsed time, apparent speed, apparent distances and approximated angles from when it passed over.

We were left feeling in awe, having been so privileged and fortunate to have seen something so unusual, serene and graceful. Neither of us felt any fear.

Before we got to discuss what we saw in any detail, I suggested we both pencil draw what we saw. They looked much the same other than our different methods of sketching. I have misplaced those drawings, but I’m sure that we can find them if ever required.

The next day, I felt compelled to tell someone about our amazing experience. I was unsure about who to tell and what to say. Considering that I run a small business and Marg is a registered nurse working at both local hospitals, the last thing we wanted was to be known as the local fruit cakes for having gone public with our story.

So at first, I gave an anonymous report to a local radio station, their story went to air. I guess I was expecting others to come forward too with their account of the seeing the same object, but I heard nothing.

As days turned into weeks, I felt a type of anxiety building up inside me, I think now because to me there was something unresolved about this. I made some inquiries about who I could or should contact. I tried phoning a military reporting number, was not taken seriously. I tried a UFO hot line number and got some jerk who was kidding me along and stringing out my call (as I out found out later) to make money by timed/tolled incoming phone calls from people wanting to chat or ones such as myself making UFO reports.

I was then feeling very angry! At a later time, I found a phone number of a UFO investigation organization, rang it, got a message service, left some brief information about my sighting and my contact details. They didn’t ever return my call.

Several years later (in 2005) I happened to see a UFO magazine in a news agency, flicked through it and saw an article written by a UFO investigator by the name of George Simpson. There was a phone number for contacting George. I rang it, got a message service, but this time I left a surly voice message saying something like, “this is the last time I’m going to bother reporting our sighting!”

To my amazement, I got a return call from George! He was very interested in our story and arranged to do a trip to Bendigo soon after, to do a video interview with Marg and I. He later posted his written story about our encounter on a website.

The link to that story is: http://www.auforn.com/February_2005.html (Was there yesterday, but not there today! Not sure why?)

After having George Simpson follow up on my report, the sense of anxiety and anger left me and has not bothered me since.

So, to this day, it still remains a mystery as to what we saw. Was it man made? Was it from some another intelligent race? Or could there be a different reason behind its origin?

We have no idea! Although 18 years have now passed, we still talk about the experience from time to time.

Cheers, Peter.

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