2 See White Oblong UFO From Cab.

Location of Sighting: Manhattan (New York, New York)
Date of Sighting: June 13, 2015
Time of Sighting: 8 AM EDT

Description: We were traveling by cab from West Village to W. 35 ST. Not being from the city my wife and I were looking up at the buildings. We saw a oblong shape object moving slowly above us and to our left. It looked bright white and appeared to have doors or windows on the bottom side. The bottom looked wide and flat. A green light appeared to flash from what I would think was the tail end. This object was wide and oblong, the size of a passenger plane. I believe it is the same one that was filmed on that date and shown on YouTube. I thought that the Hendericks gin blimp was green. This object was white. We lost sight when we turned a corner. The buildings were blocking our view.

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4 Responses to 2 See White Oblong UFO From Cab.

  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    What every one is seeing might be ET tourists on vacation observing planet Earth along with it’s ongoing wars. That should be of interest to them they probably consider it to dangerous to land so they just fly to the destination check out the cities, you know take photos the usual. Mr.Puckett I couldn’t resist suggesting this. I might be onto something.

  2. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett and greetings to those giving the above report! For what it’s worth, I have noticed a recent increase involving these white cylindrical and/or oval-oblong objects, especially in the Northeast and the East Coast in general, seemingly one or more are seen and reported pretty near on a daily basis either to your excellent website, or to N.U.F.O.R.C., or to the M.U.F.O.N. websites, AND they are being seen during daylight hours! Keep up that great work William!

    • Administrator says:

      Joel. Thanks for the comments. It is good to know that others are witnessing these objects in the daylight hours. Maybe this is a real sighting “wave.”

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