20 Orange Lights in Formation Head Northeast.

Location of Sighting: Kirkland, Arizona
Date of Sighting: March 23, 2020
Time of Sighting: 5:30 AM MST

Description: I am near Prescott, Arizona. It was just before dawn and heading northeast were around 20 orange lights in formation with one tailing behind. At first I thought it was a flock of geese. I went to get my phone to take a video, but they were gone when i came back out. There was no sound. They were just orange lights like a string lightly flying east. As I looked again hoping to spot them one more time, I noticed two red lights, bigger and not moving, as well towards Venus (in the east). Usually satellites have a orange tint not red. Maybe the flock of lights were drones hitting high speed back to reddish mother drone? Storm clouds were coming in so the red lights next to the planet slowly faded away.

Note: The witness saw star-link satellites.

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  1. psp says:

    I live in northern AZ in a small town and there are craft here all the time. My son used to go out on the porch to see the universe. One night I was inside and felt the whole room that nothing moved, not even an atom. The next week after that my son had a hole in his head, like it was dug out. I took him to the doctor and we did not know how it got there. Later, a few weeks after that my daughter visited and was sleeping in the living room, she was screaming and turning on the lights. I got up and saw a flash in the hallway by the large air duct in the ceiling. It was 1:00 AM. She told us that something was in the room and touched her. A few weeks later I was up at 2:00 AM and saw a gray alien go by the window. He had a large head and he was floating with his legs up (Like a bee). He felt pure evil. I saw the neighbors motion detector come on. The next day I told the neighbor that his motion detector was on and what I saw. He said, that his son, said that something was trying to get in the window. I bought inside motion detectors for the hallway by my son’s room(about six of them). One night the lights came on and I heard a noise. I got up fast and I knew that the gray was at the inside of the vent. I took the opportunity to tell him, if he ever came back, I would kill him. He said, (in my head) that they hate the human race and that they will take my son for good and they will come in force one day to kill the human race. I am not afraid of these things and I will fight. They have no right to trespass homes. I know wake up at 1:00 AM every night. I bought a boat horn and have increased the motion detectors. They cannot stand light or sound. They had been drilling holes in my son’s head and the doctor found another spot by his ear. There has been orange probes going by our window. We sleep with the window open and have a motion detector by the window. People have to stand against these things. So far it has not been in the house again. My daughter will not sleep in the living room when she visits and she does not want to talk about it at all. Before I knew this was happening, one night I was up around 1:00 AM going to the restroom. When I got back into bed, I saw an alien standing on the other side of the screen (sliding door). He was around 4 feet, with round eyes, round head and he had skin that was on each side of his head. He just stared at me and did not move and I stared at him and I was not afraid. He left in a short time and left his image in the screen. Never have I seen him again. Years ago, if anyone told me that there were aliens I would have laughed at them, but it is a terrible thing now.

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