20 Soldiers See Distant Red Light Bounce Back & Forth.

Location of Sighting: Yakama Firing Range, Washington
Date of Sighting: 1977 to 1979

Description: To Whom it may concern:
I was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA from 1977-1979 in a combat helicopter unit. We were constantly going to the Yakima firing center (YFC). One night flying back from maneuvers to Yakima base myself and approximately 20 soldiers saw the same looking lights the couple has reported. The light we saw was only red and was approximately 10 to 30 miles away and was dark. The helicopter pilot explained over the radio that no one would talk of any of this. I hadn’t really thought of it much until I saw the posting. The lights bounced back an forth at great distances sort of like the old Atari game of Pong. The lights would move back and forth slow and sometimes fast and very erratic. I never saw them again, but everyone that saw them knew it was something unusual and didn’t seem like anything the army had at that time. We all kind of wrote it off as some kind of government testing. We were not sure.

I would like to mention a sighting my 1 brother, 2 sisters mother and father had in mid afternoon in the early 70’s in the small town of Enaville, North Idaho. We lived in a gulch at the bottom of a valley named Bear Creek. Over the top of the ridge approximately 500 feet away I noticed the perfect classic silver disc shaped UFO with revolving lights around the top of the disc. I am not positive on the colors, but they were colored. I yelled out to my family they all came and watched. It was moving slowly following the top of the ridge and was not making any noise. After a minute or two it disappeared out of our line of site. We were all stunned by what we had seen and about 1 minute after we lost site 2 jets went by in the same direction. The craft had went moving a lot faster than the jets had been going. I was about 12 to 15 years old. I was old enough to know what I saw. My parents did not read any papers that I know of at this time and the only information we got was from AM radio an TV was with rabbit ears and it didn’t always work very good. So I’m not sure if anybody else saw or reported it or if it was on the Spokane news station. Fairchild Air Force Base outside of Spokane was approximately 60 miles away. The base had to of been following this craft because they could not have taken off and arrived at our location that fast. I did not realize this time frame until I was older. My family never that I recall talked of it which seems strange in itself, but I will never forget the experience.

Note: It is not known what sighting in 1977 to 1979 that the witness is referring to. We have written to the witness to find out more details about the sighting.

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  1. Barb G. says:

    What the person is describing in the article is similar to what happened to me when I was a kid in 1949. I and my family were visiting some relatives in another town they lived out in the country where it was hilly as well as hay fields. All of us were standing around talking in the driveway before we left for home. All of a sudden my aunt looked up at a round glowing object that went directly over us about 5 or 6 hundred feet as well as moving at slow speed. It had a slipstream and made no sound. It appeared to be checking the countryside. As we watched it made a slow controlled turn to the left which brought it over some houses. It then went out of sight. My relatives also never spoke of the what they saw that day, but I started checking the newspapers for any other sightings and I found a few. This sighting was what started me being interested in UFO’s to this day. I have thought for years that this planet is under observation by whoever these aliens are or others. One of the reasons is we are constantly at war somewhere on this planet.

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