20 to 30 Bright Objects Look Like Floating Houses.

Location of Sighting: Salem, Oregon
Date of Sighting: September 27, 2016
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PDT

Description: A man was east of Salem, Oregon and saw 20 to 30 bright objects. It appeared that some of the objects were on ground and were trying to take off, but didn’t become airborne. At first the witness thought that the objects were helicopters, but no sound was heard. He said at when the objects were closer they looked like “floating houses” and he could see windows. The objects at times would “pulse blue.” The witness’ vehicle would not start and he had to get a jump to get his vehicle started. He stated that the objects were visible for two hours and were still visible when he left the area. A video was taken, but the witness has not yet sent the footage.

Note: The above report was received “second hand” from a friend of the witness. The witness took the video with the above friends’ phone. The witness’s friend has viewed the video and was “awestruck” by what he saw.

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