2001 – West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Description: My name is S.B. I will be 51 years old and I have seen things I cannot explain. I believe I have had two humanoid being holding my hand when I was really young. In 1982 a bright colorful UFO flew over me and 2 friends in a coffee plantation in Kenya. At first it looked like a star in the distance, and then as airplane lights moving fast and in no time it was above our heads. We then saw a big ball of blue greenish light that made us jump into the coffee bush. We heard no sound. In 1998 I saw five shadow people in a store in Queen street west in Toronto. I don’t know why I could see them, but they were mixed with the store customers. Nobody else could see them. Three years after, I was living in West Vancouver and I had gone to bed for an afternoon rest and meditation. When I went back to the living room, there was a person who was sitting on my chair. Before I could ask how he got in, he stood up and was a shadow like the ones in Toronto. This is some of what I have seen and I have seen more since. Things I have seen have made me a very lonely person. Thanks to YouTube I don’t feel alone anymore.
Maybe one day I will tell it all. Thank you.

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