Witness Recalls Multiple UFO Encounters.

Description: I live in Northeast Louisiana and have had multiple UFO Sightings my whole life. The first one I had I was about 8, but I had numerous until the one that was so close I shall never forget it and since it seems like I have several a year which have drastically increased this year. The one that was so close when I was 15 I lived between Gonzales, Louisiana and St Amant Louisiana and I looked towards Baton Rouge which was towards the north and in the air at least 4 hundred miles past Baton Rouge were like two bright head lights in the sky. I had a Q-Beam Spotlight and shined it right at the two headlight looking things when all of a sudden they merged into one Great Light Bright as I have ever seen and then it went totally black. And instantly within less than 5 seconds this huge craft was over my head barely 30 to 50 feet above our home, not even as high as some of the trees. It was very quiet and just a quite whooshing sound. I was 15 and I his under my moms car it was around 9:45 PM. All I could hear was the whooshing sound right above me. I thought that only a couple of minutes passed by and I heard it quietly moving away and finally got up enough nerve got out from under my mom’s car and it was moving very slowly down our driveway so slowly I walked and caught up with it, when it got to the end of our driveway it hovered for about 5 minutes then shot out of sight within a split second. I thought the whole thing lasted 30 to 40 minutes tops when I looked at my watch it was now 1:30 AM in the morning. Where did the time go? Since that night I have had many more sightings and so have my sons. Then starting about a month ago after leaving Church I saw a bright light with like tentacles off of it and smaller craft going to and from it in many colors shapes and sizes. I called a friend of mine who lives on Arkansas line about 15 miles away and not only could he see what I was watching he could see two more that I couldn’t see. Then the next night he called me and said to go outside and look he said one of the things was back and it looked as if it was right outside my home over 25 miles from him. When I walked out it was in the air between my house and Highway 17 less than a mile, and for a couple hours that night I watched it until it moved off in the Northwest. But the next night it was hovering right over my home. I have some very good pictures of the main ship and the many different ones coming out if you would like me to send them. I have showed them to many and no one has an explanation for them. I have others from the past, but nothing remotely like this. Also since that night I was 15 I have had many MRIs with never a problem, but about 3 months ago during an MRI I have had several times I felt something like pop loose on the inside of my right thumb then came a terrible burning sensation. I looked down and the magnetic field was trying to pull something through my skin I quickly put my hand over the area and put my hands by my waist to stop the burning. I have read about these implants put in people. Do you think that’s what it could be? I can now move it around with my finger now it’s popped loose. My grandmother always said I was one of Gods Elect and Chosen I believe that is why certain people have so many encounters. I can send you the latest pictures from the last weeks I believe they will be as none you have seen before. The others I have to find the chips they are on and will send them to you also if you want to see them. Please let me know what you want and what you think.

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3 Responses to Witness Recalls Multiple UFO Encounters.

  1. Debbie Campbell says:

    I would like to see the photos.

  2. Barbara Griffith says:

    I hope this person does send photos and I would like to see what the these UFO’s look like.

    • Administrator says:

      I haven’t had a chance to request the photos. I get more suspicious when people are having recurrent sightings. Perhaps some people attract these “non-human” intelligences?

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