3 Bright Yellow-Orange Orbs. 1 Keeps Pace With Vehicle.

Location of Sighting: 20 Miles North of Mountain Home Air Force Base
Date of Sighting: July 3, 1977
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM MDT

Description: On July 3rd 1984 I had an experience with UFO’s about 20 miles north of Mountain Home Air Force Base near I-84. That is why I looked up this site. To see if anyone else saw them. My son and I were returning home from a fishing trip on I-84 to Boise, Idaho. Going north at about 10:30 PM, we saw three bright yellowish orange orbs coming towards us from the West over the desert. Two of them peeled off to the North East, but one came directly at us and turned North 100 yards West of the freeway and slightly in front of us and kept perfect pace with my car. It paced us for about four miles and was about 12 feet in diameter, but had an indistinct outline that was fuzzy. No features could be seen. It was just a bright round ball of light. It had been flying twice as high as the power poles on the West side of the freeway and then veered off about a block to the West above the railroad tracks. Almost as soon as it got there, glowing red objects came from the tracks and in curved arcs, hit the bottom of the orb. It was as if it had attracted. the spikes from the rails with magnetism. This went on for about ten seconds and the orb started to wobble. We saw all this with the windows rolled down listening for any noises. There was no sound at all from it. After it wobbled, it turned South and landed in the sagebrush. We wanted to see it and took the next exit (Black Rock Road) and headed south on the frontage road looking for it, about a mile and a half back. It had quit glowing we guessed, and the frontage road turned West. We saw some lights in the distance that turned out to be a station wagon with a uniformed Air Force officer in it who looked very frightened and went right on by not even looking at us and skidded around the turn at high speed. He went to the freeway. We never could find the UFO. Two weeks later a train derailed at the spot the UFO pulled the rail spikes out of the ground. We saw that at that location later.

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