3 Groups of Orange Orbs Come Together to Form Triangle.

Location of Sighting: Wurzburg, Germany
Date of Sighting: August 15, 1983
Time of Sighting: 11 PM Local Time

Description: I do not recall the exact date. I know it was in the late summer of 1983. Myself and 3 friends were in the US Army, stationed at the 67th Evac Hospital in Wurzburg, Germany. On top of one of the hills sits a castle (The Marienburg Fortress) which we visited on a regular basis. We went up late one night and were walking around in the open courtyard of the castle when we suddenly saw round orange lights (orbs?) appear high up in the sky above us. The lights were in 3 groups of I would guess about 100 lights each. They came together and formed a huge triangle right in front of our eyes and then slowly moved in unison into an upside down triangle up and down several times. It reminded me of how flocks of birds fly in shape shifting formations. It was a very smooth, deliberate movement that maintained the triangular pattern. I don’t remember how long they were up there, but for at least 5 minutes we watched in absolute astonishment, trying to figure out what they were. I thought at first they might be insects like fireflies, but after they remained in that same perfect triangle pattern I doubted it. Plus, the size of each glowing object was much larger than an insect. The light was definitely being emitted from each one-as opposed to a light from below shining up on something in the sky. Then we saw what looked to be 2 helicopters or small slow moving airplanes come from opposite directions of the sky moving toward the triangular orb formation. When they reached the formation the orbs just suddenly disappeared! At that point we were scared and ran out of there and down the hill. We weren’t suppose to be up there after hours. We didn’t see anything the rest of the night. We thought it probably had something to do with the military so we never reported it. I don’t know why I waited this long to report it. I recently came into contact with one of those friends again through Facebook and he remembered the weird lights. (So I know I wasn’t dreaming.) Just now I am watching Project Blue Book (an “unacknowledged” documentary which has perked my interest).

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