3 Holographic Heads Come From Bright Orb.

Location of Sighting: Bellingham Washington
Date of Sighting: November 15, 2019
Time of Sighting: 7:15 PM PST


Description: A woman saw a bright orb from a parking lot. She saw 3 “holographic” grey alien images move from the orb. A series of photos showed the movement of the “holographic” alien images. No sound was emitted from the orb.

Additional Witness Comments: Hi. We spoke on the phone a little bit ago. Here are the photos from the first time I saw this phenomenon. They are live photos so if you scroll through the frames of each photo you will be able to see the movement of what I think look almost like holographic heads coming in and out of the orbs.  

Note: I can’t speak for what the witness saw, but the photos are of a street light. The apparent “holographic” images are an obvious reflection from the street light.

The witness also had a similar experience on Jan 23, 2020. A video was taken, but did not show anything unusual.

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4 Responses to 3 Holographic Heads Come From Bright Orb.

  1. Joseph says:

    Look below the green lens flare and enhance or increase size of the smoke grey white objects beneath the green flare. You will see what appears to be 3 greys with head, eyes,and nostrils. It does appear to be that, but I am more then sure it’nothing more then parodelia at it’s best.

  2. Paul S. says:

    It is a lens flare.

  3. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    It looks like a lens flare to me, but I can see how the photographer got excited. It’s a weird one!

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