3 Lights Flash Red & White in Unison & Split Apart.

Location of Sighting: Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Sighting: April 1, 2018
Time of Sighting: 1:35 AM PDT

Description: My boyfriend and I are currently looking at something right now. We are in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada. There was 3 earlier around 11 PM. It is now 1:35 AM and there is only one left, but it is in the same spot. It’s white and red primarily and it does seem to split apart. We are looking at it with hunting binoculars. When there were 3 they would flash red and white in unison and split apart at the same time. They are in very different parts of the sky. We have seen this a lot lately never in the same part of the sky. We started looking at the skies a lot after a bizarre encounter where a very unusually bright light low in the sky followed us at 50 kilometers in his low-bed semi truck 6 months ago. It followed us and from Fort St. John, BC to Dawson Creek, BC and came over our house, but stayed fairly high up then. People at a gas station also saw this when we stopped and asked them to look. It would disappear then appear out of nowhere and when we got home we looked through binoculars and it appeared to have 8 lights total. We thought maybe it was a drone at first because of how crazy the whole experience was, but after seeing it again and again, we have ruled that out. For weeks in a row after that experience we would see it moving around above our house. The lights tonight now do not move around the whole sky like the first sighting, but instead stay stationary and flash small red around it and like I said before, appear to break apart. I don’t think what we are looking at are stars. We don’t know what to think. If anyone has any kind of answers, please let us know.

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