3 Lights Move In & Out of Clouds in Circles.

Location of Sighting: North Carolina Highway 45, Washington County, North Carolina
Date of Sighting: September 30, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:07 PM EDT

Description: Two men were leaving the Bertie County Fair in North Carolina. They had driven east on Highway 45 for about 30 minutes and noticed 3 lights moving in circles to their right. The lights were dim and were moving in and out of clouds which were low in the sky. The lights seemed to keep pace with them as they drove east. The witness felt like that the lights were following them. He described the lights like lights on a go-cart going around the track in circles. The witness wasn’t sure if the lights were mounted on an object or were separate. The witnesses tried to take photos, but the lights did not show up on the photos. Both witnesses were frightened by what they saw. The witness stated that the lights were white, somewhat dim, circular in shape and were about half the size of a full moon. They were solid and did not blink or flash. After viewing the lights for about 3 minutes they pulled off the side of the road and viewed the lights. At that time the lights changed direction and began moving north. They lost the lights over the horizon after about 12 minutes.

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