3 Massive Orange-Red Balls Hover Low in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Assateague Island, Maryland
Date of Sighting: July 10, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM EDT

Description: On Tuesday night (this week) my girlfriend and I were in our tent in the E-loop of the Maryland State Park of Assateague Island. It was about 10:30 PM when I looked out the side of the tent. There were three massive orange/red balls canted twenty degrees hovering slowly low to the ground, but covering all that we could see from inside the tent. I was an imagery interpreter in the Air Force, trained to identify every aircraft in the world. I also lived on Hickam Air Force Base for six years. Each orb was larger than any aircraft I have ever seen. No aircraft has exhausted with anywhere near that size of diameter. We heard no sound. It was very close to us less than a mile and less than two hundred feet above the ground. It pulled away from sight and we sat dumbfounded.

The angle you noticed is similar to what we saw, which furthered my opinion that it was a flying object instead of some strange astronomical occurrence. We saw it for roughly 5 minutes.

Note: The witness is commenting on a sighting on another blog. The link to the sighting referred to is not known.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    My sincere thanks to this witness’s report as it comes from a person extensively trained in aerial vehicle identification, and states that she was convinced she was observing some type of aerial craft albeit unconventional and unidentifiable. I have a friend who observed some sort of aerial objects that he said were solid yet emanating intense orange light from their bodies. He saw them just after sunset around Lumberton, Mississippi about two years ago, and observed a procession of at least fifty of them moving in a linear formation, evenly spaced, all proceeded at what seemed to be about five hundred feet above him. He also said that he noticed that there were some Air Force personnel in his area the next day but didn’t appear to be doing anything, but their presence wasn’t a normal thing. Once again, my thanks to this witness and to you Mr. Puckett.

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