3 Orange Glowing Orbs Move Slowly & Disappear Together.

Location of Sighting: Culver, Indiana
Date of Sighting: October 7, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12:45 to 12:50 AM EDT

Description: Last night, around 12:45 to 12:50 AM on October 7th, 2016 my fiance ran into our room yelling for me to “Wake-up, hurry, come here, hurry up!” So I jumped out of bed and ran to follow him outside on our front porch. He pointed up in the sky: “Look, what is that? Watch them!” There were three orange glowing orbs slowly moving in the sky. As I watched, two more appeared from over a vacant office building across the street from our house, in the distance. They all seemed to follow a kind of pattern, not exact, but same direction, a sort of line. One however moved a bit faster (still slow), and moved across the other, for a brief second, looking like one orb. It seemed to just pass by the other, still on the same course. I thought, maybe Chinese lanterns at first, but there was no possible way they would follow the same path, and be that bright! And who would be letting them off at 1:00 AM? When these orbs all got to a certain point in the sky, they just disappeared! Like, got dimmer, and dimmer, until they were just gone, in the very same spot in the sky! It was absolutely phenomenal. We were too stuck watching them, and trying to figure out what they possibly could be, (other than what we imagined; saucers, aliens, Government etc.?) When they were gone, we knew we should have ran to grab our phones to record them. It only lasted about a total of 7 minutes all together from when he first saw them, to when we both watched them disappear. The sky was clear, not cloudy. They were perfectly visible. We live in a little town called Culver, Indiana. It is not far from Culver Military Academy.

When we did finally went into the house, I grabbed my phone and typed “orange lights in the sky” into the Google Search box. Some of the images that came up looked exactly like what we had seen. I also found this number, because I don’t know who I should report it to, but I have got to tell someone. I know no one will probably believe us because they didn’t see it for themselves, but we know it was something unusual. Is there an explanation for these lights/orbs/fireballs? I don’t believe anyone else saw them, but I wish they had. This is a small town and if someone else saw them too, everyone would know. Was there any other reports of these lights anywhere else last night? I’m just so baffled, and I keep trying to think of answers to what it could have been. As of right now, I can only think of one thing: They were Aliens. I know that sounds crazy. Our NASA teams, or military would have seen these though right? There are satellites out there to monitor our planet right? Or was it something human built, that I just don’t know about, or maybe any citizen doesn’t know about? I had to get this out there somewhere, or is this even the correct place to report this kind of thing?

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