3 Orange Lights Seen in Sky Disappearing 1 by 1.

Location of Sighting: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Date of Sighting: June 18, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:18 PM EDT

View Video Clip (YouTube):

Still Image of 3 Orbs Extracted From Video.

Still Image of 3 Orbs Extracted From Video.

Description: I saw 3 orange lights across the sky tonight. The lights were also disappearing one by one. They were moving together in synchronization. What is it?

Response of Witness to Questions: Ok. It was June 18th, 2016 around 10 PM in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. 3 orange lights were moving synchronized across from what seemed to be east to west right across a bright full moon. They were spaced out equally and disappeared one by one. We only witnessed this for approximately 2 to 3 minutes. I only got very little footage on my phone. I will attach the video, but I got my phone too late. Let me mention that the lights were bright orange! Don’t listen to the audio. My son was very afraid and I had to say it was a satellite to calm him down. I wish I had better footage, but it was amazing and nothing I have ever seen before in my lifetime. I am surprised that I didn’t hear anything about it on the news or Internet. I heard nothing! It was very strange.

Note: The description sounds like Chinese Lanterns, but the video does not support this. Also the witness mentioned the “satellite theory” so as to not frighten her son.

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