3 Silver Elliptical Shaped Objects Fly Erratically & in Varied Formations.

Location of Sighting: Hesperia, California
Date of Sighting: July 13, 2016
Time of Sighting: 10:30 to 11 AM PDT

Description: A family saw 3 silver elliptical (or ball shaped) shaped objects fly erratically and in varied formations. The objects would line up perpendicularly and then make abrupt random turns. One object then vanished to the right and the other two objects began circling each other. The witness described the circling as “like dancing in a figure 8 pattern.” The witness’s kids originally saw the objects and they alerted the father (primary witness). The witness stated that the objects have been seen the past 3 days. No wings were visible on the craft and the craft were described as ball shaped or elliptical shaped. The witness said that the objects were making turns that would “result in very high G forces.” The witness tried to take a video with his cell phone, but the objects did not show up. The objects were visible for about 30 minutes. The objects then headed south towards the Bureau Land Management land area and were lost over the horizon. The witness said that skies were clear and that even birds left the area during the sighting. The witness called and reported the sighting a few minutes after the objects moved out of view.

Note: The sighting location is about 60 miles South of Edwards Air Force Base. UFO sightings are common in this area and perhaps some of them could be due to secret military activities?

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