3 White/Silver Specs Change From Triangular to Line Formation.

Location of Sighting: Seattle, Washington
Date of Sighting: June 2, 2019
Time of Sighting: 2:40 PM PDT

Description: It was a partly sunny/cloudy sky and a light breeze was blowing. Back in 1992 I saw a very similar thing also high over the lake in the middle of summer. This time I was with 3 friends and we were eating lunch sitting on a grassy hill by the lake. We were watching a bald eagle catching fish. As he flew over I noticed very high 3 white or silver specs. They were in a loose triangle. We stayed and watched for 40 minutes. For the first few minutes we thought they might be Mylar helium balloons, but they drifted in 3 different directions. Then 2 went to one and all 3 moved the opposite direction. They got a bit larger probably reducing altitude and moved into a straight line formation. Then 2 moved east and one stayed in place. By then it was obvious they were not balloons moving in the breeze. They were very high. If I took my eyes off of then it took awhile to find them again. Eventually they moved north. The steady breeze at ground level was North to South and they got smaller and blended into the sky. The sighting many years ago was over the same lake, but in July. It was also 3, but those were silvery, very reflective because the sun glinted off them several times. Both times people walking by stopped to ask what we were looking at and most were able to find them and watch them.

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