4 Lights in Straight Row Hover, Move North.

Location of Sighting: Slanesville, West Virginia
Date of Sighting: May 7, 2021
Time of Sighting: 11 PM EDT

Description: On 7 May 2021, at approximately 11:00 PM (EDT), a friend and I were stargazing before turning in for the night. I always finish my stargazing by looking where I remember the Big Dipper is. That is when I noticed four lights (and they were not blinking) NW from my house, just above the horizon (tree line). I am familiar with the night sky, so I never thought they were stars. The lights were stationary, in a straight row, parallel to the horizon. I said to my friend look over there (pointing towards the lights) and he said he already noticed them. I think he was already looking in the same direction, because I mentioned that I always look for the Big Dipper at the end of my start gazing. He said he didn’t recall any stars in the sky aligned like that. After 10 seconds, we both watched the four lights start moving slowly to the north, in a straight formation and then after another 10 seconds, they faded. The viewing conditions were clear and there was no moon. The fading was not associated with clouds or them going below the horizon.

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3 Responses to 4 Lights in Straight Row Hover, Move North.

  1. George Tennant says:

    My earlier commented sighting of 7/31/22 was in Fairport, N.Y., USA 14450 at about 23:30.

  2. George Tennant says:

    I saw something this evening in this vein. I don’t know that I saw all of these, there may have passed more before I noticed the first couple of what turned out to be 9 lights the night sky as I observed the Big Dipper. The stars (?) I saw traveled SSW to NNE crossing ‘through’ the Big Dipper between the 2 stars on the handle side, pitching lower relative to the Dipper such that the first few passed ‘out of the Dipper’s’ bowl ‘between’ Dubhe and Merak, the remainder at increasing distances ‘below’ both of them. Any thoughts?

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