4 See White Orb & Unknown Flashing Green Lights.

Location of Sighting: Olympia, Washington
Date of Sighting: June 19, 2015
Time of Sighting: 8:45 PM PDT

Description: Three of my friends and I were hanging out at a beach on Budd Enlet enjoying the sunset and view of Mt Rainer. I noticed a weird white glowing orb hovering to the right of us (towards Olympia) that started floating away from us. I tried grabbing my friends attention, but it just disappeared without warning. At first I thought it might have been someone lighting off fireworks, but it was a little early for that. Nothing similar followed it and there had been no noise or smoke.

I wrote it off as nothing of significance until one of my friends saw a row of four flashing green lights over above Shelton, WA. At first we thought it was just one tower until we realized that it was way too high in the sky and my friends, who live by the beach and frequent it often had never noticed it before.

There was no pattern to the flashing and after about fifteen minutes my friend who noticed the lights saw and pointed out to us a similar row of lights slightly to it’s right. It was much dimmer and didn’t follow any pattern either. We continued to watch for another fifteen minutes before the lights started growing distant from each other and becoming dimmer until they faded out.

We tried getting pictures and recordings, but it was too far a way to pick up on our phones.

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