4 Successive Bright Green Flashes Light Up Sky.

Location of Sighting: Burrell, Pennsylvania
Dates of Sightings: November 27, 2017 & December 1, 2017
Times of Sightings: 9:30 PM on Nov 27th & 5:38 to 5:43 PM on Dec 1st

Description: My sightings were in Lower Burrell, PA, 15068. Burrell is about 20 minutes North of Pittsburgh, PA in the country. There is no smog and little light pollution. My first sighting was on November 27th, 2017. at 9:30 PM:
My husband was out on the porch. It was a very clear and chilly night with no clouds. My husband saw a bright green mass that appeared to be the size of a beach ball fall from the middle of the sky (came out of nowhere, looked like it was a good distance away from our location). It fell to the southwest horizon until gone from sight. No noise followed.

Second sighting, same location, on December 1st 2017 at 5:38-5:43 PM:
I got home from work, was sitting in my car waiting for the HEAVY rain to let up. A bright green flash lit up the sky and took about 5 to 10 seconds to fade. It was not lightning. It lit the entire sky, and was more of a pulsing which took quite a while to fade. I do not believe it was a flash of lightning. I was shocked. And then another flash occurred, and the same pattern followed another 2 times. I saw a total of 4 green light pulses light the entire sky which was pitch black with rain and an early sunset. It was incredible and terrifying. But my husband and I still have no idea what these things were. It is scary.There is no clear information anywhere as to what all this is, just that it’s happening everywhere.

Note: Both sightings were likely of a meteor.

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