40 Star-Like Objects Move Up, Down, Side to Side.

Location of Sighting: Acme, Washington
Date of Sighting: November 28, 2019
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PST

Description: It was 11 PM and skies were very clear with a few small clouds. Three of us friends were smoking a cigarette outside on the front porch when we all saw what we thought at first were stars, but slowly realized they were moving, side to side, up and down and in circular motions. There were not just a few, but there were maybe closer to 40. Some formed triangular shapes while others stood still and changed colors. I have never seen anything like this before. I have been thinking about that night since.

Note: When I first read this report, I suspected that the witnesses saw Star-Link satellites. However, a check of trajectories did not show any Star-Link (or other) satellites would have been visible at the date and time of the sighting.

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3 Responses to 40 Star-Like Objects Move Up, Down, Side to Side.

  1. Charles Bidinger says:

    We probably look at the same stars. I have seen a planet large enough to be earth pop into existence many times in seconds.

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