5 Lights 1 After Another Move Slowly & Vanish 1 by 1.

Location of Sighting: Park City, Illinois
Date of Sighting: March 6, 2020
Time of Sighting: 7:35 PM CST


Description: My girlfriend and I were just parking and just happened to look up in the sky. We saw 5 lights one after the other moving and slowly disappearing starting from the right until one after the other just disappeared. It was a clear night as well. Took a photo with my iPhone XS Max as well I tried recording it with my camera ,but was too dark and i wasn’t able to see them so I took a picture instead.

Note: The lights could be Star-Link satellites.

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  1. R J B. says:

    I witnessed these same type of lights on the western horizon, this morning at around 05:15 to 05:30 hours, while walking my dog, here in Bridgeport, CA. The lights were perfectly spaced apart from each other, moving from the Northwest to the Southwest. After watching them for a few minutes, I looked to the right side of their line, and before my eyes, more started to appear, following the line of travel by the earlier ones. Then one light moved along side another in the center of the line. It slowly moved upwards and faded out of sight. I had my 94 year old dad come out and see them too. All in all, I counted 15 plus lights in the line traveling southwest, towards southern CA.

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