5 Silent Chrome Balls Fly Low in V-Formation.

Location of Sighting: Alvin Texas
Date of Sighting: Between December of 1989 and February of 1990
Time of Sighting: 5 PM CST

Description: This event happened between December of 1989 and February of 1990. I was parked was on the NW corner of the intersection of Steele Road and Highway 35/North Gordon Street in Alvin, Texas, in a construction company’s parking lot. I tried to get the coordinates from Google, but apparently I’m too dense to figure out how to get them.

It was about 5 in the afternoon and was getting toward dusk. The day was clear, no clouds, no wind to speak of and the air crisp. I was facing the setting sun, but couldn’t see it because it had already sunk below the buildings I was parked in front of. There was also a tower of some sort, like a radio tower or something, set off a little to the left of the buildings. I was just sort of staring off into the distance when I noticed a bit of movement toward what I could see of the horizon. The movement was steady, and even from a distance I could tell it couldn’t have been birds. I’m curious by nature, and I had great vision (up until the age of 42 it was better than 20/20), so I didn’t take my eyes off of whatever it was. As it got closer I could see it wasn’t one single, cohesive unit; it was several somethings. It was five round objects about sixty to seventy feet above the ground, in a V-formation, gliding silently overhead at about twenty miles per hour. As they closed the distance between us I could see that the balls were like chrome, reminded me of mercury, and about two and a half to three feet in diameter. They reminded me of those balls on a Newton’s cradle, but much larger. I could see the reflection of everything around them on their surfaces. This was on Highway 35 in Alvin at rush hour. I’m staring at five chrome balls gliding silently overhead. It was bizarre. I hung out of the window of my truck and watched as they went directly over my head. I was tempted to try and follow them, but I couldn’t drive my truck ‘as the crow flies’ without going through fences, and the direction they were heading in didn’t have roads I could easily follow on. I have searched websites over the years, and even wrote an account of this on one of them, but I have never seen or heard anything like this.

No one else on the road seemed to notice, or if they did they dismissed it as a figment or birds or something. I have only told my children, my ex-husband, and my current husband about this. This is not the only weirdness that occurred over the years, but it’s the third most disturbing to my mind. In the years since I saw whatever those things were I sometimes wonder if I actually saw them. It drives me crazy thinking about what they could have been. Were they man-made? Were they from here? What on earth would they be doing in Alvin? Were they just passing through? I guess they didn’t find it too interesting since they kept on going.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    To the witness who saw the five spheres: I just want to tell you that I’m pretty certain that what you saw were real objects and not figments of your imagination. If you check out the subject of observed spherical objects, you sooner or later will come across a picture taken during World War II of just such an object that was closely following a formation of Japanese war planes during daylight, and the photo was taken by one of the Japanese aviators flying in the formation, so this not only shows that these objects are real, but that they’ve been around for some time. Now, whether they are man-made or otherwise is something I can’t say. Good luck!

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