5 Star-Looking Objects Equidistant Apart Move Slowly ENE.

Location of Sighing: Gardnerville, Nevada
Date of Sighting: February 17, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4:55 AM PST

Description: I went outside at around 4:55 AM getting ready to leave for work. Looking to the east I noticed 5 star looking objects. I am very aware of planet alignments, stars and constellations. This however was not normal. The objects were equal distance apart and seemed to be moving very slowly in an east by north east direction. The object furthest east was lower in the sky, followed by the rest one by one higher in the sky. The highest objects were probably at about 45 degrees in the sky. I first noticed them from a tree that I used as a reference. I said to myself are they aligned planets, but I know this wasn’t so. I stared and felt a little light headed, because I said to myself, “they seem to be moving ever so slowly. I watched for about 10 minutes and moved to a different location (about twenty feet) so that the tree I referred to would not hinder my sight. As I observed so intensely the objects moved more steadily at the same speed and equal distance from one another. Then they just dashed out of sight so fast and abruptly. During these 10 minutes I also viewed one shooting star northeast and an airline plane traveling. Theses however were north of the objects.

Note: The witness likely saw star-link communication satellites.

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