7 Foot Bald Headed Green Creature Large Belly.

Location of Sighting: Grandy, North Carolina
Date of Sighting: November 26, 2017
Time of Sighting: (1st Sighting) 12 AM EST





Description: A couple and their 15 year old son saw a strange creature near a treeline from their backyard. The treeline was towards the east (towards water). The husband was outside smoking a cigarette and heard a rustling near the treeline. He fetched a very bright flashlight and saw what he described as a creature 7 to 7 and a half feet tall. The creature had a bald head, two arms and two legs. It had a large belly (like it was pregnant). The husband then had his wife and son come out and look. The wife thought that the creature was more of a brown color. The creature was described as moving sideways. The wife reported the sighting via voicemail. I called her back several hours later and she said that the creature was back and was watching her family. No photos or videos have been taken. The wife stated that her dog would not go outside today without her being present. She had never seen that behavior with her before. The witness stated that the weather was clear at the time of the sighting. Additionally the witness stated that she may call the police as she felt threatened.

Additional Comments From Witness: here is the sketch I made, but it still doesn’t do justice to what I saw and it’s still very hard to believe.
When I get home I will take a picture of the tree and area from the distance in which we were standing. To be honest I was really just focused on the head and posture. I think the light blinded it because I didn’t see eyes or a reflection from the eyes.

Update Nov 29, 2017 – Witness Explains Photos: You will see a small straight tree to the left of the opening that appears to be darker. That is where it is after dark. A few more closer pictures to come. The last 3 pictures are from my back fence. From first picture maybe you can enlarge and see something I can’t.

This morning as the daylight start I got very scared to hear what sounded like flip flops walking in the leaves. And again my dog was scared. He wouldn’t even go outside. I could only barely see as far as my flowers from my 1st picture. Thanks for listening. He is very real. I feel like I am seeing images in these pictures, but I still feel like they are there when I took these pictures. Can you please tell me if you see anything at all when enlarging. Please look through each picture.

Note: I have suggested that the witness attempt to take photos or videos of the creature. She said that the couple has older cellphones which don’t take good photos. I also suggested that she converse with her neighbors to see if there were other sightings. I also suggested that the area where the creature was seen be checked for footprints or for anything else unusual. Updates will be posted.

Investigator Notes – Update November 27, 2017: The witness prepared a sketch of the creature. (See above graphic.) The witness claims that the creature was by the trees again tonight.

Investigator Notes – Update November 29, 2017: I included one of the photos of the area taken by the witness. The photo (or enlargement) does not show anything unusual. I annotated the photo to point out the location where the witness says that the creature appears at night.

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3 Responses to 7 Foot Bald Headed Green Creature Large Belly.

  1. Donald Cyr UFO says:

    Est-il possible de voir le dossier de la police? Is it possible to see the police file?

  2. Barb G says:

    What people need to do if they see these creatures is to call the police, explain what they saw and ask if they will send out a officer to check the area because one of them may get into the backyard to prowl around the house. I am suggesting this because of the way the dog is acting. Whatever it is the dog is very afraid of it.

  3. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett. For what it’s worth, I have read of this sort of the thing being seen by one or more people in various areas in the Eastern parts of the United States in the last two years, and it is hard to take seriously except there are more that one sighting of these things in different places.

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