7 White Lights in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Holly, Michigan
Date of Sighting: July 24, 2022
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM EDT


Description: Sorry this is not the best video. It was not like I was prepared for this. Anyway I was out with my dog last night, at approximately 11:30 PM and I saw a 7 white lights which were in a straight line in the following sequence:

. . . . . . .

I watched them move across the horizon, never descending, never changing direction and they made no sound. The lights were not flashing and were solid white moving from the south to the north. If I had to guess, the distance from the first light to the last was better than 1,000 feet, maybe as much as a mile. Another guess would be somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 feet in altitude. The distance they covered before I lost sight of them due to trees was probably 15 miles. I grabbed my wife and daughter who both saw this as well. My daughter took the video. Sorry there is not more video – or better quality. I- didn’t expect to see anything It was very strange.

Note: The witnesses saw Star-Link communication satellites.

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3 Responses to 7 White Lights in Straight Line.

  1. N says:

    I saw the same exact thing a few nights ago on 9/19 fly over Lake Santeetlah in Graham County, NC.

  2. Skelley says:

    My wife and I saw the same object heading northeast around 8:54 PM on 7/24/22. We live in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The video above is exactly what we saw and would have been traveling the same direction toward Holly MI. I have seen plenty of satellites when I lived in rural Montana. This was something I could not figure out and clearly was not a satellite. Shortly after my wife and I saw the lights we noticed a huge amount of airplane activity. We counted 13 in only ten maybe fifteen minutes. We do live only 15 miles from O’Hare Airport. There is another airport that is called Chicago Executive so we do see a lot of air activity. That being said there was a noticeable uptick in air traffic. Whatever we saw we could not believe. We saw it for maybe 20 seconds, and said to each other over and over “what the F is that, what can that be”. It was something we simply could not identify. The fact that this guy is walking his dog two hours later and traveling in the same direction seems crazy. It might be nothing but thought I should post about seeing it.

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