9 White Orbs Seen at F16 Airshow.

Location of Sighting: Leavenworth, Kansas
Date of Sighting: November 11, 2021
Time of Sighting: 11:10 AM CST


Description: I saw orb objects white in color, multiple orbs (approximately nine) flying in formation mimicking a flight of F-16’s during the Leavenworth Annual Veterans Day Parade coinciding with the flyby. Prior to the flyby I witnessed the orbs forming and reforming into various groups. Also I noticed that at times they would disappear and reappear at an incredible speed. At times one of the orbs was like in an over-watch position while at least six were in a three by two formation. After passing the flyby they formed a four point formation then all of them disappeared to the West at a great speed.

Update – July 23, 2022: The video taken by the witness has been added. The video has been clipped to the time when the objects passed by the jets. The video has also been slowed from 30 to about 4 frames/second.

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2 Responses to 9 White Orbs Seen at F16 Airshow.

  1. Terry the Censor says:

    So…UFOs were flying over a military parade and only one person saw them, only one person took a photo, and it’s a blurry photo too? And the F16 pilots didn’t seem to see them either?

    • Administrator says:

      YOU are making a lot of assumptions. First off how do you know that no one else saw the objects? I don’t get every UFO report. There are 100’s of civilian websites that collect UFO reports and many witnesses do not report UFOs. How do you know that the F16 pilots didn’t see the objects? Did you talk to the pilots? And of course the photo is blurry. The objects were moving. It is motion blur.

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