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We are a team of investigators dedicated to studying the UFO phenomenon. Our goal is bring the truth about UFOs to the public and continue to perform scientific analyses of UFO sightings. We are interested in all phenomena often associated with UFO sightings like crop circles, cattle mutilations, and alleged alien encounters. Although we are primarily focused on studying UFOs in the Pacific Northwest we still will investigate reports in other areas.

Most of the reports presented on this web site are inconclusive and we offer our own opinions on their cause. However, we leave it up to the reader to evaluate the presented evidence and leave it up to you to formulate your own opinion. We also welcome comments and suggestions regarding any information presented on this web site.


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  1. Elise Gingerich says:

    star craft! they are called star craft! why would it be difficult to believe there aren’t such things as star craft?? i also believe that they have the technology to play around with the direction of space and time or time and space. and even being able to play around with different parts of space and time or time and space too. why would that be so difficult to believe that they don’t have the technology to do just that?? why aren’t we all using this technology?? i don’t understand why we aren’t all using this technology too??

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