UFOS NW Mission Statement

We are a nonprofit group dedicated to studying the UFO (unidentified flying object) phenomenon. Our focus is the collection and investigation of UFO sightings in the Pacific Northwest. However, we collect and investigate UFO sightings from all over the world. We strive to apply sound scientific analysis to all UFO investigations. Each sighting that we investigate is published as a UFO report on our web site. We also publish a history of UFO sightings in the Pacific Northwest and across the world. Our site also lists upcoming UFO events, UFO conferences and suggested UFO readings. Our studies extend to UFO related phenomena such as crop circles, animal (cattle) mutilations, and alien abductions. Although most sightings can be explained, we believe that a small number are the result of visitation of higher dimensional beings and extraterrestrial (alien) beings. Our opinion is that certain agencies of the U.S. government have information about UFOs that is not being released to the public. This secrecy is preventing the truth about UFOs from reaching the public.

5 Responses to UFOS NW Mission Statement

  1. C Fisher says:

    If you are based out of Helena, MT do you have a place to visit and see readings and photos of UFO activity?

    • Administrator says:


      I haven’t had meetings yet in Helena. The Jesse Marcel Library (south of Helena) has UFO meetings on Tue nights from 7 to 10 PM. Just do a search on Jesse Marcel Library to get more information.

  2. aps says:

    You folks really need to check out Wright Patterson Air Force base.

    Area 51 was R and D. The above base was UFO containment.

  3. Alan Jones says:

    About the Dec 13, 2013 outside of Phoenix Arizona, I had taken several photos of rectangular craft in the skies over Phoenix. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I didn’t have the photos backed up on discs or anywhere else! Good job on the website. I like it so much better than before. These craft and many others are all over the skies in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

  4. Bonnie Warren says:

    In the spring of 1973 I was attending Mt Hood Community College. At that time the area wasn’t as populated as it is now. The area behind the college had a large parking lot and beyond that trees. I had parked my car in one of those parking lots and was returning to it after finishing my class. As I came out onto the steps that lead to the back of the school, in the sky above me hovered four round disk shaped objects. I was startled to see them. They made no noise. I was afraid that they were going to suck me up so I turned and ran to get my boyfriend of the time, Karl. Karl and another guy, Bob came out to see. By the time they had arrived, the objects had moved halfway to mount hood in the sky. Bob said that they were geese. Karl, had been a hunter and knew what geese looked like, they were not geese. They were metal objects. I know what I saw. I have pretty much kept this story silent for all of these years, but people now seem more open to believe me rather than dismiss the story. I remember it to this day. They were not much higher than the top of the telephone poles and were made of metal. Like I said, they made no sound but traveled very fast. I guess that each one of them was about twelve to fourteen feet in diameter. They were the same round shape that most people report. I have no reason to make this story up. It was the wierdest thing I have ever experienced.

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