Steve Reichmuth Bio

UFO Investigator Steve Reichmuth.

UFO Investigator Steve Reichmuth.

Mr. Steve Reichmuth has been involved in UFO /UAP/ Abduction (CE-4) investigations for many years. Formerly a member of Mufon for approximately seven years, a Certified Field Investigator, Chief Investigator, and an Assistant State Director (Northern California). Steve has investigated nearly in total some 390 UFO reports – a number of them abduction CE-4 cases.

These include some 30 plus cases outside of Mufon both before and after his membership with Mufon. The other 362 cases he has completed are documented in the Mufon CMS (Case Management System).

Steve dedicated himself in advising, supporting, and supervising our local Field Investigators. Maintaining good reliable communications as a team leader with ‘our men and women out in the field’ so they not only feel part of a larger purpose, but also stressing leadership and good personal contact educating both Field Investigators and the Public in general about the bigger ‘situational awareness’ of UFO activities in his area.

While Chief Investigator his State Chapter rankings related to rapid response and completion of UFO cases had ranked his chapter usually in the top 10 state rankings. Before resigning my position in October 2010 with Mufon to pursue independent UFO / Abduction research – Northern California’s state ranking was 4th place.

I felt it was not only important to be a good listener to witnesses in UFO reports, but to also encompass the concerns and good ideas (to their credit) of the local Field Investigators I was responsible for. Not only teaching those Field Investigators useful skills and knowledge to apply in the field, but importantly to overseeing their safety.

Steve was also appointed on SIP/BAAS STAR Team as a Field investigator and as State SIP Coordinator of Northern California under the leadership of Richard Lang. Steve was involved in several SIP cases as well.

He has also made public appearances on local television and has given presentations to several Mufon chapters and other groups on UFO activities throughout the state and the rest of the country. Steve was also a guest speaker presenting his Monthly UFO Maps at the 2006 Denver Mufon Symposium.

These world monthly UFO maps are still being created and cataloged regularly and are presented at the EPIC (Extraordinary Phenomena Investigations Council) and TEOR (The Edge of Reality – Proboards)

Steve was also the creator of the official Mufon Field Investigator patch adopted by Mufon.

Steve created in the spring of 2010 a small CE-4 abduction research group composed uniquely of a Certified Hypnotherapist / Paralegal, and a practicing Physician M.D.. This to provide to an ‘experiencer’ a ready ‘on the spot’ virtual supermarket of skills & experience to offer someone seeking professional help regarding Encounters of High Strangeness, usually regarded as Alien Abduction / CE-4 accounts. We have already conducted a number of such cases, both documented, and other cases on going presently.

Emphasis placed on well grounded objective professional investigations – understanding we are exploring something that challenges the bounds of our limited sense of reality – with support and empathy for the welfare and concern for the witness foremost.

Professional Hypnotherapy is offered by a certified professional very experienced in Abduction accounts – with clear protocols practiced in its use. The body of information on the Abduction phenomenon gathered as a result hopefully to contribute to the greater good of those touched by this phenomenon.

Steve lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Steve Reichmuth

UAP Investigator

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    If I have the right guy, you can help me greatly. I am Base Commander of Sea Poacher Base, USSVI in Bartow, FL. We are in the process of creating a Submarine Veterans Memorial. On this memorial will be a Mk 16 torpedo which we have and a cement rendering of the sail of the USS Seawolf. I can send you an image of it. The sail would be in the process of surfacing.
    What I need is the dimensions of this sail and I am hoping that you can help.

    If I do not have the right guy please accept my apologies.


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