Aerial Cloaking Triangular Craft, Smooth Sides, Metallic Bottom.

Location of Sighting: Eugene, Oregon
Date of Sighting: September 25, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:15 PM PDT

Description: I am a veteran of the military and an amateur astronomer so I am pretty good at aircraft identifications and where lights should be in the sky. Last night, 09/25/2016 at approximately 20:15 I saw what looked to be a triangle shaped craft over the city of Eugene Oregon.

I had just stepped out on my balcony for a smoke and sat down in my chair facing East overlooking most of NE Eugene and N Springfield. Looking in the sky above and well beyond the neighbors house at the sight line of the power lines I saw 3 orange lights equidistant apart and in a triangle. It occurred to me that there shouldn’t be bright stars in the sky in that area that time of night and time of year so I looked closer.

As I looked closer I saw the bottom most of the lights moving and then I thought to myself: That makes sense it is commercial aviation. So I looked back at the other 2 lights and saw they were moving together too and that it was one triangle shaped craft rotating on it’s center axis. All the while I noticed the bright orange lights were shining through what looked like heat shimmer coming off the desert floor.

It was very much like a scene from the movie “Predator.” The “cloaking” around it wavered for just a brief second and when it did I saw a large triangle shaped craft with smooth sides and a smooth metallic bottom with a smaller circular abutment in the center with a light bluish glow. The craft stopped rotating and it looked like a harrier jet pulling up it’s nose on a vertical takeoff and then it disappeared. It did leave, but as it was leaving the “cloaking” kicked back in and it disappeared from sight.

Like something out of the X files 2 helicopters showed up within 30 seconds of the object disappearing. Eugene is a small city and helicopters are fairly rare here with just a couple of over flights a day, but these stayed on station for the better part of an hour circling over the Eugene/Springfield area.

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2 Responses to Aerial Cloaking Triangular Craft, Smooth Sides, Metallic Bottom.

  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    I want to thank this person who’s a military veteran that reported his sighting. I’ve noticed that these sort of objects are often described as either moving in the opposite direction of the objects’ triangular apex, or are rotating on their axis’. What’s different about this report is that the witness described what seemed to be a “cloaking” that happened at the end of the sighting. I read a book some decades ago called “Project Identification” that was written by a Professor out of Missouri, and in it there were some events that the Professor and those working with them described and illustrated that depicted either a swept-backed, or boomerang like object passed over them and they said that they could only make out the dark outlines and what appeared to be a canopy area in the front of it as did the B-25 bombers, and this was written well before most people, such as me, even knew of the prevalence of such objects! Again, my thanks, as well to you Mr. Puckett!

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your well written comments. I read the book that are referring to. I believe that the professor’s name was Harley Rutledge.

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