Air Force Air Traffic Controller Saw Numerous UFO’s.

Location of Sighting: Mountain Home AFB (Mountain Home, Idaho)
Date of Sighting: 1973 through 1976





Description: I was an air traffic controller at Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB) from 1973 through 1976 and saw numerous UFO’s, but knew it was a waste to report them. I had no desire to go to the base hospital and enter into a conversation as to whether I loved my mother.

In addition, casual conversation with pilots of the F-111 Tactical Fighter Bombers there indicated they too had witnessed the same, but didn’t want an official inquiry into their sanity.

Additional Comment From Witness: I have experienced a lot of skepticism in the past.

Note: The witness identified with a previously reported sighting of a UFO that was hovering over the runway at Mountain Home AFB in 1977. We are attempting to learn more details about the air traffic controller’s UFO experience. Updates will be posted.

Updated Aug 28, 2016: The veteran provided documentation that he was an air traffic controller for the Air Force at Mountain Home AFB. (Note that the date on the certificate is Sep 18, 1973. This provides good evidence that he was stationed at Mountain AFB in the time period noted on his report.) Two documents were provided. The first document lists his certification as a controller. The second document provides his FAA certification and shows that he was at Mountain Home AFB.

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3 Responses to Air Force Air Traffic Controller Saw Numerous UFO’s.

  1. Barbara G. says:

    I wonder if the controllers will report a UFO now? When pilots in the 70’s saw a UFO I don’t think many of them reported them for the same reason as this controller at that time. If the government had really looked into the UFO reports they might have found out what they were. Although they would never have let it out to the public anyway.

  2. Dick Haines says:

    Hi Bill:
    Once again we have clear evidence of the chilling suppression of valuable evidence through the use of intimidation, ridicule, and fear. This intimidation runs very deep in many first world nations today (Chile and a few others excepted thank goodness). How the world expects us scientists to study these phenomena without permitting witnesses to report them remains a great mystery.

    Thanks for bringing this ATC-related information into the light of day and thanks to the brave ATC guy who described it.

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