April 1, 2013 – Springfield, Massachusetts – 11:10 PM EDT

Description: Last night, April 1, 2013, I had a UFO Sighting. It was in the sky, not too high. I was looking at it from my living room window. It was round and was moving around in a circular motion, though it stayed stationary in one spot. I saw red and deep blue colors, as it turned around and around. This was at 11:10 PM. I watched it in disbelief, ruled out it was an airplane or helicopter, as planes went by under it and it remained stationary. I watched it for 45 minutes. I awoke my son at 11:55 PM and had him look through the window at it. He agreed. It was something we haven’t seen before. He verified it was moving around in a circular motion, and saw the same colors as I saw. We put on our coats and went outside to see if we could capture it on our cell phones, but we couldn’t.

This was absolutely something that is for sure. At 1:10 AM it simply disappeared, just like that from the sky. I am not sure who to report it to, but someone must have also viewed it. I wish we could have gotten a video of it on our cells. If it were a planet, or a star, I figure it would have just been “twinkling”, but, again, this was stationary and spinning in a circular motion, counter-clockwise.

I would love to hear back if anyone else encountered this.

I hope to get some feedback.

Thanks. I have no doubt this was something different and I can only conclude it was a UFO sighting.

Note: Skies were clear at the time of the sighting. The planet Jupiter was visible and low on the northwest horizon at the time of sighting. Jupiter would have appeared brighter at a low angle due to more scattering of light. I believe that the sighting was probably Jupiter given the length of the sighting and the time that it was no longer visible (setting time).

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